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Re-NOVA Er:bium Glass Laser 1550nm

er bium glass

Re-NOVA®  Er:bium Glass Fractional Laser 1550nm 


The Re-NOVA Er:bium Glass fractional laser skin reconstruction system adopts fiber laser with 1550nm wavelength and installs a CPG which is arranged in matrix scanning output, emitting 50um-80um spot through a high focusing lens, the target tissue is water in the dermis, forming matrix-like hole(0.12mm)around focal spot penetration directly .

The penetration depth of these small spots is about 2mm (the depth is related with solar elastic fibrotic maximum depth) .At this point the normal tissue among holes generates heat bridge which starts wound rehabilitation reaction and thermal effects between scarfskin and dermal tissue, then experiencing inflammation phase, proliferation phase, remodeling phase.

During or cosmetic essence can be applied into the wound rehabilitation reaction, 1 hour after laser irradiation , the dermal fibrous tissue arranged dense, few inflammatory cells soakage, after 3 days proliferation of epidermal cells, inflammatory cells of dermal layer and fibroblast cells are increased .7 days fibroblasts in dermal layer is increased significantly, 15 days increasing in collagen synthesis, dermal thickening.After laser irradiation there is a certain effect for skin elasticity, skin hemoglobin content, water loss through the skin, sebum content, skin moisture content but no impact on the skin melanin content.



1. Patients with mild to moderate photoaging: Rough skin, large pores, fine wrinkles, skin aging loose

2. Wrinkles caused by sunlight or early aging wrinkles, on the lower eyelid, forehead, cheek as well as crow's-feet.

3. Face lifting and tightening.

4. Acne scar treatment.

5. Firm up skin stone.


Advantages of  Re-NOVA Er:bium Glass-1550

1. The target tissue is water, no skin type limit(Fitzpatrick I-VI).

2. The  output  spot  diameter  is  50-80  um,  less  thermal  ablation  and  deeper penetration, no scab, no  pigmentation,  no  scar  ,more  safe  and  effective treatment.

3. Random  scanning  avoids  thermal  damage  caused  by  heat  accumulation, reducing pain of treatment.

4. Applied1550nm fiber laser from IPG, the maximum output power is 35W which is 2-3 Times of similar equipment, ensuring a deep penetration and long life time.

5. Six  scan  patterns  (Circle  /  Triangle/  Square/  Rectangle  /  Rhombus  /Line)  are available via CPG for different parts of skin, satisfying different the rapists’unique request.

6. Laser output spot size, energy density, scan pattern, scanning speed, spot density, scanning area are adjustable, which are controlled by the computer operating system for various lesions, the tissue can be gasified at different depths (50-2000um), to ensure a more accurate treatment.

7. The Re-NOVA Er:bium Glass-1550 can be equipped with different laser power of 15W, 25W and 35W.The doctors can choose the most appropriate laser power according to treatment.



Re-NOVA Er:bium Glass-1550

Laser Type

Er:Bium Glass Fiber Laser



Optical Beam Quality


Maximum Output Power


Power of The Aiming Beam


Spot Diameter


Scanning Mode

Randomized Scanning

Aiming Beam



Air Cooling

Pulse Energy

10mj~200mj (stepping: 2mj)

Spot Pattern

Triangle/ Square/ Rectangle / Rhombus / Round

Pulse Interval

2ms~100ms (stepping: 1ms)

Scan Area

5×5mm, 2.5×2.5mm, 1.25×1.25mm

30×30mm20×20mm 10×10mm



Gross Weight


Spot Density

36spots/cm², 144spots/cm², 576spots/cm²

Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz

Dimensions (before packaged)


Dimensions (After Packaged)